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Strategic Recruiting

Finding and retaining top talent is harder than ever, costing time and impacting growth.

We handle sourcing, thoroughly vetting, and interviewing new hires—only sharing the best with you.

The result? You build an exceptional workforce to drive business success.

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Payroll & Compensation

Managing payroll and compensation is complex—even without constantly changing laws and regulations.

We make it simple for you.

We also provide compensation analysis so you can optimize salaries according to market rates.

You get back time and peace of mind knowing your people are paid accurately and competitively.

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HR Outsourcing

As a business owner or leader, you wear many hats — HR shouldn't be one of them.

Our HR Outsourcing is your solution.

HR audits, employee handbooks, job descriptions, compliance training, and more.

You reduce HR risk and create a solid people management foundation, without needing to become an HR expert yourself.

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The Stellar HR Package

You have bold plans for growth, but likely lack the internal resources to handle critical HR needs like onboarding, training, compliance, and benefits.

Our Stellar HR Package is your solution. We become your HR department and provide customized support based on your company's unique and evolving needs.

Recruiting, Payroll, Comp Analysis, Full-Service HR—all in one amazing deal.

The result? Your people operations are optimized by experts so you can focus on high-level strategy and accelerating business success.

With the right HR solutions and support in place, you gain the time and mental space to drive sustainable growth.

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