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We provide white-glove HR, payroll, and recruiting services customized to your distinct needs.

Become the "megastar" in your organization by letting us do the HR heavy lifting, so you can focus on growth and your customers.

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We Get It.

The sleepless nights worrying about people issues, the headaches of running payroll, the fear that you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to employment regulations and compliance, the time suck of recruiting, and on the other end, the burden of terminating someone’s employment.

You’re not alone.

HR is essential to every business, but that doesn’t have to make you miserable. Our next-level strategic and administrative solutions free you to focus on growth, your customers, and to enjoy your time again, both in and out of the office.

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Our Next-level HR Services

We can be your partner for services, or strategize a solution mix that works best for you.

Human Resources HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

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Human Resources HR Audits and Investigations

HR Audits

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Human Resources HR Consulting

HR Consulting

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Human Resources HR Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Compensation Analysis Market Pay Equity

Compensation Analysis

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Recruiting Recruitment Staffing Talent Acquisition


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Dynatronics Megastar HR Client
Wasatch Business Partner Services WBPS Megastar HR Client
The Leonardo Megastar HR Client

“I was impressed by how quickly Megastar HR was able to gauge the nuances of our operations and effectively ramp up aligned support. We initially hired them for payroll admin and recruiting support, but they also showed themselves as excellent strategic partners for identifying and closing risks across the HR function. Their expertise and adeptness really make them stand out from other HR companies, and I highly recommend them.”

—Emily Spear

“Had the pleasure of working with Megastar HR last quarter and was incredibly impressed with their professionalism and ability to deliver. Beca and her 'Star Team' are able to provide HR solutions to all your payroll, compensation analysis, and talent acquisition needs. If it’s stellar performance you want, Megastar HR is who to call!”

—Debra Langelier



"As Executive Director, leading our mission is impossible if HR isn’t a trusted partner in the process. HR was referred to us from an employment law attorney and they’ve exceeded my expectations from Day 1 ... they’ve customized HR support to our team’s unique needs, from strategy to recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, workers’ comp, payroll, and more. I can’t recommend Megastar HR enough..."

—Alexandra Hesse 

The Megastar Advantage

Save Money, Time, & Resources. Uphold Compliance. Maintain Integrity.

Why risk paying $130K+ for an average HR Manager, when you can seamlessly partner with "megastar" HR, payroll, and recruiting partners who provide white-glove, best-in-class service?

We ensure onboarding is smooth, you remain compliant with countless employment laws, paychecks are on time, and you recruit and retain top talent for your organization.

Let us handle your HR, payroll, and recruiting, so you can focus on growth, your customers, and what you do best.

Your problems don't have to be your problems. What's burdening you?

Human Resources HR Services Overview Compliance and Risk, Performance and Learning, Recruitment, Onboarding, Offboarding, Payroll Administration, Benefits, Safety, and Workers' Compensation

We Are Strategic Partners Dedicated to Your Success

We don't just fill an administrative role, we are true partners, there to elevate your success and fast-track your growth.

Our team of HR experts becomes your strategic partners, considering every decision through the lens of empowering your employees, enabling growth, and realizing your vision.

We craft HR solutions tailored specifically to you, backed by ethical standards and best practices. Compliance assured, your biggest headaches gone, your passion and potential unleashed.

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